Jusika Martinez, Storyteller
Jusika Martinez, Storyteller
Just your average creative finding Jesus in the mess of life, trauma and motherhood.

Jusika martinez:

Prefers the less curated, sometimes heavy and all sorts of messy parts of everyday life.

Since January of 2016, I have been on a steep hill in the middle of the desert learning all the things about God, faith, trauma, womanhood, motherhood, and therapy. My home here online shares not only share my life but it also shares my healing and how you too can apply the things that I have learned to help you break away baggage that we often don't realize that we have. I write to work through toward truth, to wrestle and heal. Believing that God allowed my experiences in multiple loss, trauma, and mental health to show that He should always the glory in the good, the bad, and the in-between. I write in faith that God will provide me the words to help myself heal and in faith that it will help others grow as they read and continue their steadfast journey in Christ and in womanhood. I write as an act of opening up my hands- to surrender, to receive grace and wisdom, to give generously. I write to walk alongside, to speak truth and lead, to hold space for rest and to give hope to those in the deserts of life too.


Jusika Martinez

Wife to a traveling Airman, Momma to 3 rambunctious girls, and 3 angel babies. Writer of hard life topics such a loss, womanhood, and mental health.

Seeking the authentic & sustainable things in life and relationships. Believing that without the dark you cannot have light, and without the light, you cannot have the dark - they are both equally beautiful and life-giving. 

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