faith, trauma, womanhood, and motherhood. 


If you would have asked me as a young adult if I would have ever thought about being a "storyteller" or writing on the internet I would have said H to the Nope. Storytelling for me is writing to tell the story of my life & God and what each has given me in motherhood, faith, trauma, and womanhood. I often find that writing about my story helps me heal and helps remind myself of the story God has used me to help bring comfort to others. I love yoga, meditation, designing, green plants, plant photography, a good egg roll, a long bike ride, the beach and a nice leather handbag. I love being a mother, marketer, designer and military spouse but I do not just find my identity in any of those titles. After a nearly life-ending trauma, I often find myself seeking the authentic & sustainable things in life. I also find that there a certain comfort that I find in a good joke. I also believe that without the dark you cannot have light, and without the light, you cannot have the dark - they are both equally beautiful and life-giving. 


it's all about that Q & A


What happened after the birth of Adeline?

10 days postpartum I experienced a mass blood hemorrhage that resulted in 9 blood transfusions, an open hysterectomy and a 5 day hospital stay. 

What types of births & losses have I experienced? 

As you can tell, motherhood has put me through the ringer. And by that I mean 1 pitocin induced birth, 1 Ectopic Pregnancy in the Tube, 1 Miscarriage, 1 all natural birth, 1 Cornual Ectopic, and 1 C-Section.  

Why did you stop trying to fit all of the things in?

Therapy. For those who don't know I have been in trauma therapy since experiencing my near death experience as I struggled with severe panic attacks and anxiety. In therapy I have learned that saying yes or remaining busy can keep you from truly healing and it can also compact into further emotional troubles later on so I dropped all the things. Now I guard my schedule so that I am not over booking or wearing myself thin. 

What's Up with #sunsittingseason? 

I started this hashtag after my near death experience. My OB who first noticed the starting signs of PTSD while in the hospital suggested that I take myself and my baby out and sit in the sun...or to even open up the blinds and sit in it. During this season of life where I've been intentional about sun sitting it's given me deep knowledge through a mix of trauma therapy, spiritual counseling, and trauma & restorative yoga. 

Do you still work with Marketing + design?

I do, check out the link called Creative By Jusika