Storage Solution?

Emma Emma Emma. . . what a dil-emma I ran in to tonight! As some know I am very over the top as far as organization, I figure you can't run a tight ship with shit everywhere. Disorganization can lead to mass confusion, so here in Italy it drives me a bit wild that we have no real closets or shelving. How do these Italian's live like this? What do they use? Can you fill me Mario?

Anyway, I went on the hunt for storage solutions online and shopping online can be a bit tedious if you don't know the right key words to plug in. I have been eyeing some canvas storage bins at PBK (Pottery Barn Kids) but my husband I both agree they were a bit pricy (various sizes ranged from $20 each to $45) my subtotal prior to shipping was $130 for 4 or 5. So I clicked off the site prior to entering in my debit card information, as I was just not willing to spend that much on canvas storage bins.
So I went looking around, none that I liked on Amazon, Ebay, or Babies 'R Us. I finally decided to check out "The Land of Nod" a company of Crate and Barrel. Honestly, I had looked there before and I wasn't amused by their over priced furniture, but a few times after I checked back and I did end up having a bit of entertainment in the bedding section (I am already eyeing a bedding set from there). So I thought, what the heck? When I went to their site they had storage right on their front's like the internet God was watching over me tonight, so I clicked and I had found everything I wanted 8 assorted sized storage bins for $80 and I proceeded to check out and then BAM the internet God disappeared, they had a horrendous shipping cost . . . an additional $40 bucks. I thought for a moment DAMN! Then the light bulb turned on "How about I google any 'Free Shipping' codes for Land of Nod" AHHH HA! I found one, granted it was not for ALL of the shipping costs, but it cut my shipping down to $12 bucks! Yes, how grateful I am for google tonight!
Needless to say I ended up getting the storage bins and I only hope they are the actual answer to my storage problem for Emma's room. They are pictured above and if you have kids check them out because they are getting great reviews, seem to be safe for children of walking age and are colorful . . . just what children love, COLOR! I look forward to getting these things in the mail and I look forward to using them until there is no strapping left!