It's Friday!!

We were able to make it to our 35 week baby appointment, which was a great feeling. Emma has actually turned and is in the position to head down the birthing canal, which is good but we need to make it to 36 weeks at least to make it on base so bed rest continues until the end of the 36th week. The mid-wife thinks once I get up and start walking around the baby will come shortly after. Either way we are both anxiously awaiting our little girl. Bed rest has done me some good I suppose, as most know I lost 30 pounds during my first trimester due to horrible morning sickness and since then I had put on 12 of that back on in the last two trimesters and when they weighed me I was down 10 pounds so that puts me at a -28 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. Emma sized just about 34 weeks so we aren't doing so bad in that area, and I am positive she will be one healthy little girl.
On a side note: We had met a lady in birthing class last month and we finally crossed paths at Jeremy's softball game again (one of my weekly outings) and she FINALLY had her baby and I say finally because she was at almost 42 weeks, I was amazed to see her little boy! Weighed in at just about 8 lbs and some odd oz and she went through 26 hours of labor. Crazy huh?
Anyway being on bed rest it has given me a lot of time to surf the net and I found this website called, it is a great place to get vintage and hand made things and a lot of eco-friendly items, I know if I keep browsing like I have it could possibly be a danger to my health and my wallet! Such cute items!
Oh for those wondering about our “Maternity” photos, know they are coming. . . they would have been here this weekend but lets just say “Ron White, a set of clippers, a laughing husband and wife” makes for a good almost buzz cut, so June 27th if we make it that far!