Bad Blogger Bad!

I am such a slacker when it comes to this blog thing, I thought I could do this once a day or every other day until Emma has got here but as you can see I haven't. I haven't done much but want to sleep, eat, shop online for Emma, and watch Jeremy play softball. But I have gotten more than that done, I promise you. Between Jeremy and Me her swing is now set up along with her pack-in-play for down stairs naps. Her mattress actually came in the mail, yes I ordered it online from Amazon and it shipped. Try explaining hauling out a mattress from the pick up place, it's like our Emma was too good to sleep on what the BX offered (which wasn't much). That is now set up, so is the mobile all we need now is EMMA-Bemma.

Today we have our 37 week appointment in the afternoon with Dr. A. Yes, Dr. A I am sure he is just as anxiously awaiting Emma's arrival as we are. Over all he has been the Dr. we see and can be very practical and understanding, which was more than I ever expected from a military Dr. We saw him last week and he still plans on going at 39 weeks if everything (meaning my body) says it's a green light. I can wait and sorta can not, I have procrastinated as far as putting my bag together, firming up the birth plan, and actually deciding on an epidural or not. Leave it to me to leave it up to the last minute, right? It will all work out is what I am thinking.
Anyways that is all for now, I will update you all after the appointment!