38 Weeks - The Finish Line

My first pregnancy will be over by July 4th and I will officially be a mother.

Today was our non-stress test appointment and 38 week appointment, which checked our amniotic fluid with Dr. A. I knew that after last week's conversation with Dr. A that I would be delivering with Dr. G since he will be off L & D for the next two weeks, but I suppose Emma and God had a different plan.
When we went in I wasn't feeling well, I actually slept through the alarm clock and Jeremy getting ready so I knew something was changing inside. They did the non-stress test and everything looked good meaning nothing has effected Emma. So we followed along into our appointment to check the fluid. I am fairly joking all the time with Dr. A because for me it breaks the tension. As we proceeded in to the exam of the fluid via ultrasound he showed is the head and limbs, but as he kept moving around there were practically NO black spots which is the fluid and I joked "ha there is like none in there." Not thinking this was a bad thing and he agreed an said that was a bad thing and continued to explain that low fluid means there is something wrong with the placenta and the baby could be harmed by that but since the babies heart rate is good and she's still playing her role as Jackie Chan we caught it early. I said "so what's that mean? We are having her this weekend?" Dr. A simply said "not today, but yes, come to my office and we will discuss what we are going to do." So we followed him to the office we sat there and discussed the plan.
Since My cervix isn't where he wants it to be today we started the first step of inserting a "balloon" to get my cervix exactly where he wants it. There is no guarantee we will make it through the night, but he said if we do that we will come in at 7 a.m. and I will be admitted and we will start the "real work" in hopes of having her tomorrow, he will not be aggressive as far as the induction and he will at least give me until July 4th before doing a C-Section if the induction doesn't seem to work.
My heart today is in very many places, as I would love things to be just perfect. I can't help but to think about not having my Grandmother and Parents here. This will be mine and Jeremy's first journey together alone and to be quite honest, I am a bit nervous, maybe we have bitten off too much, but then I am reminded to keep faith and that God would not put us through what we aren't ready for.
I leave my thoughts today to this scripture:
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11
Hopefully the next time you read this blog you will be seeing photos of our brand new family.