Emma, Emma, Emma!


Date: July 04, 2009

Weeks Pregnant: 38 Weeks

Original Due Date: July 12, 2009

Weight: 7lbs. 11oz.

Length: 19 inches

Time of Birth: 4:19 a.m.Hours of Labor: 22

Hours of Pushing: 19 minutes

Okay, Okay here it is! We had our first daughter this weekend! After 22 hours of induced labor due to very low amniotic fluid. As you have read the period of induction started on Thursday at 2:30 p.m., I honestly ran around that whole night trying to prepare as Emma was 2 weeks early, everyone who knows me WELL knows I am a bit of a procrastinator and I LOVE to wait until the last moment (maybe that is why I loved having those deadlines at Pulte.) We went into Aviano Air Base Hospital, home of the 31st Medical Group at 7 a.m. that Friday. The nurse asked if we were moving in, I had to say no and explain that I am just very compartmentalized. She laughed and said I was a perfect Mom for a girl as there were so many funky patterns.

The Beginning:

The Foley catheter (balloon) didn't fall out overnight and I had made it through the whole night on one percocet so I didn't think we were ready to start this at all BUT at our surprise I was 4 cm dilated. At that time Dr. A broke my water and started my “active” labor. I was hell bent on not getting that epidural so 4 hours later I started with stadol. (Ladies, if you ever choose this know you will talking about something so completely random you will start to question your sanity when the nurse later tells you what you are talking about. I apparently love Phoenix so much that I was talking about visiting someone there, who, when, or what . . . who knows.) By 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m. the nurse spoke to me about an epidural because they needed to up the Pitocin and I caved and said yes. I was almost at 12 hours of labor and I was in pain and we still had A WHILE to go, as I was not progressing as quick as anyone would have liked (especially me).

Here comes the Epidural guy:

In birthing class they tell us if we choose to have an epidural it will take the person who administers it 30 minutes to get there. Let me tell you, that was the LONGEST 30 minutes of my life. I was asking the nurse "Where is that guy? They told us only 30 minutes, and he only has 5 to get here!" Yes, at this point you can see what this guy was walking into. "Hi, hello, and get started" was the goal, I didn't care at that point ,let me sign my name and just move it buddy were my thoughts. Well, he moved it, we went for about 10 minutes with him trying to find the right place with me being short it was throwing him off to the left side. After 10-15 minutes of playing "poke the hole in Jusika" I finally blurted out "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE F**K YOUR DOING?" Yes, oh so lady like right? Well, apparently he will never forget me as he later told me that I was the only one who has ever sworn at him. I later apologized and yes, I will be sending a little sugar or something his way because in all honesty, he was the nicest guy dealing with a very unhappy camper.

My Mouth:

Everyone knows labor probably is not going to bring out the best in you...if you didn't just YouTube Bill Cosby's Labor movie about his wife it's oddly hilarious. Granted, I am not going to say I was THAT hilarious. Most who know me very well know that swearing is not my game, hasn't been for a long time. It's one of those things that I will chalk up to just growing up. I now find swearing very rude, ignorant and a very poor way of communicating. Well, I was possibly just as bad as I was in high school that day, so I will be praying deep for some forgiveness on that one.


We finally got the epidural in and it worked until 7 cm I was ready to kill over. I remember them speaking about some transition phase, but I didn't ever key in to that until that moment. Contrary to me asking them to just stop this process, they continued on and hours later at 3 a.m. I was at 9cm.YES OH HOLY, LORD! I thought we are going to be done so soon...and then the nurse says "Don't push when you feel like pushing it will make things swell, I will check you in an hour." Wait, hold up...an hour? Yes. Jeremy kept reminding me "at 4 she will be in babe you will be okay." My husband was the greatest coach, he really was, he got up when I was about to scream, he held my hand and (I am sure blushed) when I blurted out any swear word or talked about any private conversation in front of others, he told me it will all be okay on whatever topic I choose to speak to him about and was just there for me...more than I could ever ask anyone else at that time.

She came in at 4 a.m. and the show started...all I remember on the first check she came in and said "I can see the head" followed by “We are ready to go, when you feel a contraction breathe and let it build then take a deep breath and pull your chin to your shoulders and PUSH" I thought to myself THAT'S easy...yeah not... my chin went in the air and air went out when it should have been held in on that first one. BUT after that we were squared away...I got the hang of it. Ten minutes later she called Dr. A in and he was all suited up for his mission (which that night looked like flying to the moon), Jeremy or I didn't realize it was not like the movies and after words we realized why he was dressed that way. But either way the nurse said "I am banking on 4:32 a.m. if not an hour of pushing." Well, at 4:19 a.m. after 19 minutes of pushing Emma was born!

They put her on my chest and I got to look at all her beautiful hair and her screaming lungs, it was the best and I mean the best feeling in the world to think "I made that, it's all over and we are all okay." Not even thinking about what was going on or to follow. During labor I lost too much blood (over 2 liters), they call it blood hemorrhaging. Things were going into places I didn't even know about and shots were being given to get me to stop bleeding. Thankfully, after medication and other things the massive blood loss was stopped. Apparently, I could have lost my uterus or my life so I sit here very Thankful today not only for my daughter and husband but for my own life. I am now anemic, at risk of hemorrhaging again in the next 6 weeks and on additional iron medication. Hopefully this will square it self away, but until then I am not allowed to pick anything up more than Emma, drive, go out long or at all until my 6 week check up.


Everything I have to say though was perfect, I can't ask for a better life, even with the small hang ups we had. We aren't sure if we will ever have a #2 at this point as I am always going to be at risk and noted for the hemorrhage so eventually we will lay out all of our options and move forward.

Thank you all for reading and supporting us during these last 10 months of our lives. I can not believe the out poring support from my extended family from Pulte or my own family, I am so grateful.

Love - JRMG