Happy 25th Birthday!

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How do you mark your 25th Birthday? Well, this year I marked it with an early birthday gift of my first daughter. Emma and I had been out of the hospital 2 days, so we had to run amuck at the Dr.’s office for her first weight check. Everything went well, minus Emma pottying on the cold scale. Later that day we had to try and register her at Community Di Aviano for her birth certificate. That did not go very well, as we ran into a few bumps that we later got ironed out so we just went home to relax the rest of the day with Daddy at home. Gifts were few and far between this year to be honest, but it was exactly what I wanted to especially just give birth 4 days before. My husband gave me a wonderful handmade card, a purple Starfish pendant necklace by Coach, and my parents got me a LaCie rugged hard drive as my Macbook Pro has almost reached it’s capacity between photos and print designs. Overall the day for me was perfect I couldn’t ask for a better time in my life! -Love JRMG