Happy 1 Week Emma!


Week 1 has been quite an eventful week. The July 6th the Monday after you were born, we were released from the hospital, I couldn’t believe that they allowed you to go home with us. . . it was very surreal. After our little venture out of the hospital we went straight to Daddy’s work to meet the peeps. Everyone he has worked with has waited so long to see you. Amongst the poop talking about softball to me they said what a beautiful little girl we had. Just know your Mommy has sat out this whole season because I was carrying you, but don’t be too sad Mommy still threw the ball around with Daddy. . . I even hit him ground balls and pop-flies up until we were put on bed rest. You also met the commander of the 31 AMXS, don’t worry your impression was quite as you were asleep the whole time. After all of our time out we went into hibernation only coming out for food, water, and Dr. appointments.

Wednesday, July 8th was Mommy’s 25th Birthday and your first Dr. appointment, where you weighed 7lbs 10oz. and peed on the scale, but it was all okay because you were rocking your pink flower and headband so your cuteness saved you :)

Today you had your first pictures taken by a lovely spouse on base, you also peed on her blanket. So as you can see this might be a trademark of yours :)

We are so amazed at what all you can do now, you always try and lift your head in which you have headbutted Daddy a few times, you also know when Mommy isn’t holding you as you start to cry, We also can’t get you to sleep anywhere else other than Mommy’s arms. You also sleep all the time, but as of the last few days you have woken up almost every 4 hours to get fed.

We love you so much Emma and can’t see what you grow up to be!