Emma Emma Emma Your 2 Weeks Old!

Week 2 has not been as eventful as week one Emma but we had to get some rest as Mommy is still not feeling so hot from giving birth. We have been able to catch a few softball games here and there but you were napping each time. You also had your first trip to the “Golden Arches” also known as Mc Donalds where you were a hit amongst the Italians some Italian guy went right in putting his hands on you saying something about a “babina”. All I know miss E is that I wanted to spray the man with Lysol and explain the American rules of “don’t go touching other peoples brand new baby without asking policy”. We also hit up the “Golden Arches” later in the week for some good old American ice cream where your father showed us why putting the car in park while paying the drive thru Lady is a GREAT idea. As he paid the lady you heard the revving of our engine in our car as your father forgot to take his foot off the gas, thankfully he used his own advice prior and put the car in park! We also hit up Marko’s which was our favorite eating spot while pregnant, Marko’s wife and Poppa where the only two right about when you would come, apparently they know something that we didn’t :) Oh almost forgot! Your belly button fell off in a PUBLIC resturant thankfully we were all done with our food, it was the most hilarious thing that happened this week!
Ms. Emma-Bemma you haven’t left my arms to sleep anywhere else and Mommy has woken up with you sucking on my nose, and just so you know Ms. E no food comes out of the nose! You so far don’t like the bassinet that Mommy thought you would LOVE, you think the bouncer is just OKAY, and the swing only had an affect for about 5 minutes. But that is okay because all of these things will eventually be your friend, that I am sure of.
We are so amazed at what all you can do now on top of everything last week you now wake up every 4 hours to eat, you like to put your hands in your mouth once they find them, you can tell who’s voice is who’s, you quiet down to listen to Adel’s song called “Chasing Pavements”, and you still like car rides for now. . . hopefully that will never change.
We love you so much Emma and can’t see what you grow up to be!
-Love, Mommy