Emma Emma is 3 Weeks already!


This past week has also not been so eventful as your Daddy went to swing shift, so we all got in a lot of sleeping. This past week you have learned not to like your car carrier, which doesn’t make Mommy very happy but we will survive. You have also slept a total of 6 hours in one night, eaten us out of house and home (meaning we had to actually run to the commissary at midnight and get you food, we got there 5 minutes before and those Italians tried to close on us early but we still got the food), and you have learned to like your boppy pillow.

This week you went to your first Buzzards Softball game and they lost but don’t worry you were sleeping so you barely noticed. Everyone loves seeing you Emma-Bemma, everyone says “oh look at that hair” or “oh how tiny”

Overall Emma-Bemma I am so amazed at what you can do, even if it’s hanging on to me like a monkey for hours on end. We love you Ms. Emma-Beema and can not wait to see what your going to be like. -Love, Mommy