I have had this post in mind for about 3 weeks now, but only today has it truly occurred to me how grateful I should be and am. It has been 351 days since I quit my job at Pulte Homes to accompany my husband to Italy. It has been 326 days since we moved to Italy. It has been 310 days since we found out we were expecting. It has been 290 days since we first saw our little one on a monitor screen. It has been 221 days since we found out it was a girl. It has been 132 days since I was placed on bed rest for 3 weeks. It has been 86 days since we started the process of induction. It has been 84 days since I gave birth.

I sat this morning looking at my iPhoto album called "Emma's Arrival". My heart was filled with joy. I honestly thought when I first found out I was pregnant that I would definitely lose all possibilities of a career and that it wasn't the best time for "me" to be a Mom especially with a HUGE family tiff going on. Here I am 84 days later standing corrected, God has truly made me a better person and I could not be more happier with my daughter or my life right now. I never knew what giving birth was all about and I remember my sister in-law saying babies destroy your body. I will say that it does put your body through all sorts of hell but I wouldn't change a thing, this outcome was definitely worth it. I have learned all sorts of things about my self and body during those 9 months and even after.

I am truly grateful for my self, my husband, my daughter and my life. I am grateful that I am able to have children and I am grateful that I am able to be a stay at home Mom even if it's in Italy.