Normally I could give two shakes about Thanksgiving. . . normally because I don't care for Turkey or feel that we should be Thankful for anything just because of a day. Since my Grandmother died in 2006 my life changed, I tried to work a lot, stay busy not thinking about how lucky I am to have life. This year 2008 - 2009 has brought me so many changes and so many things I never thought I would live to experience or experience period. This year I give thanks. . .

  • To God for my life because 44 days ago I could have easily not been here today. I was put in to the hands of Dr. M for my first ultrasound for Max (our 2nd baby) to only end up entrusting him with my life because of an ectopic pregnancy, to put it in to perspective  (which today I still have a hard time doing) if my left tube ruptured I would have died before even getting to the local hospital which is at max 10 minutes away because I am still anemic from my first pregnancy where I had experienced a  blood hemorrhage.
  • To Dr.'s and Nurses. I have always hated Dr.'s but this past year they have become nothing but friends to me. I am truly grateful to Dr. A and Dr. M at the Aviano Woman's Clinic.
  • To My husband, The lord only knew what he was doing in our relationship and here we are so much stronger than where we were a year ago. I truly enjoy being a wife and partner to my husband.
  • To my daughter and Angel Baby Max in heaven. The experience of those two days have forever changed my heart and has truly made me a better person.
  • To my friends: Dawn, Jutta, Linds, Val and Erika without them I have been able to survive this past year even with them being so far away they have always encouraged me when I am doing things I am so unsure of.
  • To my family back home every day I thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.