Maternity Ward Reject

Yesterday I was just that. All day yesterday I felt this dull pain where they had removed my tube and I thought nothing of it then while at the check out at our local commissary I felt this sharp excruciating pain. I was able to make it to my car to call Mr. Smooth and Base L & D. When I called L & D I spoke to Nurse Major S. where she told me to go to the local Italian hospital and at that point I had to ask if they even knew what an ectopic pregnancy was. No offense meant to the Italians but I didn't even know about it until it happened to me.

So there we are waiting for the interpreter and after he came we went up to the Maternity ward as we were headed up there he asked "your the one who had surgery for the baby?" I answered "yep." He followed with the question "Are you still pregnant?" Obviously he did not know what an ectopic pregnancy was so I kindly answered "No, they took the baby." From there he was silent. I am sure he did not expect that answer or to ever stumble upon this when he signed up for this job.

So as we got to the maternity ward where everyone is either pregnant or just had their baby. I was given pain medication and two ultrasounds to check what was going on and at that point they did blood work to confirm their thoughts and then I was admitted for an infection in the location of where they removed my tube. 

As I laid there last night alone in my bed (which was one of three but the others were empty) I felt like a maternity ward reject. . . no baby belly and no baby that was just born. I was the only one there in this baby blue room, bed number 22 with a crucifix on the wall. No anger approached me no real thoughts came to mind only the emotion of fear of where this will lead. I thought this physical process of healing was coming to an end.

This  a.m. they did another blood test to check the infection and it showed improvement so I was released to follow up with my Dr. and no more than 5 hours later was I called to follow up with Dr. A.  So here I am feeling that dull pain again waiting for my a.m. appointment.

God if you hear me or believe in Blogger (lol). . . I got one thing to say "I need a break, k?" Let me heal this on my own time.