dhum dhum dhum dhum

WHAT the heck?! No, I didn't fall of the face of the earth, at least not yet but I haven't felt like blogging or doing much actually. Partially because I am still healing and partially because I don't have much to say. Do you ever have those moments where your just "there"? That's been me. Although, I have been taking in the moments of this holiday season. I even took Emma last week to see Santa, which  here is a big deal because Santa only comes once I believe. She was first in line, what kind of Mommy am I? I am a good one I stood there in like for almost an hour so that she could be first. I really hope she doesn't get my competitive nature because I am sure by the time she can talk she will be saying "I am #1" and "I love ME!" if she's like me. Speaking of me, I haven't said things like that since high school . . . oh was a cocky girl. I was a "Martinez" and could do anything. Now I only pick and choose what I choose to do and boy if I don't want to do it, I sure don't.

I also took Emma to the ACES children's party which was a lot of fun for me and here. I was able to mix and mingle with a new group of woman and Emma was able to be out and about. I really enjoyed my self.