Fred the Shnow Man

Okay, I have seen snow, maybe 2 or 3 times so when it snows my Arizona butt stays in side so what you are about to see is a miracle since I never go out. A few weeks ago (right before Christmas) we had 8 inches of snow in two days and then snowed again (that day I was on base and went and sat at the Buzzards office until my husband could drive me home because I don't know how to drive in the snow while it's snowing) So I thought, wow since it's supposedly never snowing down here in Aviano like this I will make a snowman. While Emma was asleep in her car carrier I had time so here is the finished product along with a shot of all of us thanks to our Italian neighbor (he was out there laughing at me the whole time I heard him talking and laughing in my way I think he probably thought "Crazy American") ha ha ha