New Here? Catch Up!

Hi, I am Jusika (Jus-i-ka) not Juiceka as your more than likely thinking! Don't worry I am used to it. So your new here huh? Well let me catch you up on a few things so you know what I am talkin' about. Well let's start with why I am in Italy. . . it's simple! I wanted to be here and I just moved, ha! NOT! My husband is in the USAF (United States Air Force) and he got orders here. So in the mist of my life I quit my career job in which I was the most happiest at and left my family to move with my lover lover. About 7 days after landing here in Italy my moods were a little funky, I mean I just moved half way around the world with out knowing a soul other than my lover lover. . . who's moods wouldn't be funky? Anyway, I decided to take a pregnancy test at the hospital here. I thought to my self it's been 4 years now we haven't gotten pregnant yet what are the chances? WELL, apparently great because when I called back she said it was positive. Yeah at that point I started yelling and asking how positive a positive was. I thought then to my self "My life is over". . . yes I truly thought that. I have never been a kid person and after losing my parental figure there was NO way and I meant no way I was willing to do this on my own. After getting settled here a little bit I was offered a position doing what I do best. . . Graphic Design but I turned it down as I had an extremely rough 1st trimester, morning sickness galore!

So after a while of blogging on our personal website I thought I might as well get my own place because I am sure whomever reads that was tired of hearing from just me, so that is how Jus-Because was established. The name is one of the more acceptable Jus-Because is a childhood nicknames.

I started blogging about the process of Emma-Bemma and then came the wonderful day of her arrival. Two weeks early and on the 4th of July, who could complain? Here is her birth story, it's quite a crack up. I started blogging about life as a first time Mom.

Then at the end of September I found out I was pregnant again. I didn't quite fall off my chair this time and I didn't try and fight it as much as I fought Emma's, I accepted it quite well. As soon as I found out I was pregnant the next day I started spotting, I immediately called the clinic here and we went through the whole thing of it could possibly be a miscarriage. I went for 1 full week of blood work being done to figure out if it was and it wasn't so I hoped that it was that "spotting" they tell you about that could possibly happen. I called Dr. M to make sure the blood work was still good as I was cramping on one side and still spotting. After almost 3 weeks of figuring out what was wrong or what wasn't wrong we went in for our first ultrasound and that day ended in emergency surgery for an ectopic/tubal pregnancy. You can read that story here.

Since then my blog has consisted of Mommyhood, Life after an Ectopic Pregnancy, Grief of Max, and my life on a day to day. Life has never been the same since October 13th, 2009 and this is my journey and my life as a first time mother that is in the process grieving the lost of my 2nd child.