Travel to the USA, Big Girl Car Seat and New Stroller

Whew has it been a whorl wind of a week! We made it to the USA after traveling 36 hours, yes 36 layovers and all. NEVER again I say never, we tried to take the military plane and even though it's a great deal quite frankly it's a pain the butt! Anyway, no military talk for the next month, I promise! OH before I forgot, how come no one has ever told me that the USA vending machines now take debit?! I nearly killed over when I saw that! We did use the vending machine (not the debit option) but the machine spit out our change to us, my husband I both go THAT IS SO AMERICAN! I also ordered her a new stroller. I absolutely love the Vigour and Companion car seat in Plum from Britax but I needed a change as she was getting older. So we got the Maclaren Grand Tour LX so far I love it, the color is also neutral so that is nice it is also nice that it came with everything from birth and up which is nice just in case we ever decided to have another child. Anyway I am feeling pretty random right now so I am going to leave you with a few photos from Arizona so far! Almost forgot again, we took Emma to build a bear! She had a great time even though she was so young they did a great job keeping her entertained. She got a dog named Scruff Scruff that was dressed in the Arizona Cardinals football gear, even though we lost we still love them. It's an Arizona thing we aren't used to winning ha ha.