Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Wanna Disappear?

Okay Okay I am on a blog rampage tonight because I am posted up in my bed sick. I must have ate some bad food or something because throwing up in my bathroom sink isn't my fave thing to do and neither are headaches. Anyway, yesterday I went to the Dr. which is a rare case for me but I was running out of a medication that I have been on since I lost Max and it's a vital part of making sure no one is dead because I am pregnant again type thing, no one being my husband that is... It's not like the sheets are shaking but I just wanna make sure if they shake we are okay. So you get my point right? Anyway, the person who gave me this medication was some hooker on the street a dr who's only on call in the evening, that meant I got to actually meet my PCM (Primary Dr.) whom I have yet to meet since I have been in Italy since I have been pregnant 10 out of the 14 months I have been here.

I go to my appointment the Nurse asks why I am there I fill her in and I tell her that I need these pills  to help eliminate the pain during ovulation and to prevent death of my husband because at this time I wasn't ready to have any kids again or if ever but I couldn't find a Dr. to tie my one tube here. But I only have one tube since I lost my tube and the baby in October. Anyway she got it even though it just jumbled and stumbled out of my mouth.

My Dr. walks in and is a man which is fine but honestly men don't listen all the time (we know this) so he steps on his soap box and start talking about how everyone miscarries and it's quite normal and blah blah blah. At that point I said that I went in to see the baby on the ultrasound and ended up in Emergency surgery for an ectopic and lost the baby and the tube and at that point he just stared at me. I am sure he didn't quite know what to say but after mustering up words he started talking about how I am young and when and if ever I wanted to have kids there are medications to help fertility and there is IVF and there should be a support group on base for woman who have lost their children. (Which there isn't but will be by the time I leave, that is my humanitarian focus lately to get something up and running here)

He was doing what a good dr. should offer options but honestly I wish he would have read my file before coming in the door so we could have avoided any type of weirdness we had for that moment Maybe next time he could fill out a prescription like the hooker on the street selling it out of her trunk other dr. did and send me on my way with a smiley sticker.