So I am not really dead, yet.

Okay I am running on like 4 hours sleep seriously no joke you can stop laughing now ha. Well yeah see my husband was due to back like hum 4 days ago. . . he's not back and has no clue when he will be back, ThanksBuzzardsOHsoMuch! So while he's been there he's been robbed I mentioned that last night it was more pick pocketed but if he wouldn't have ran after the fakedrunkfrenchman he would have been robbed. Seriously my husband is from a down called Clinton, Utah . . . he doesn't know street smarts so they picked the right American. I could have killed him though when he said he went running after him, in Phoenix you get a cap in your ass if you run after someone who robs you.

ANYWAY. . . from that bad news to another my husband will be deploying. They had him as an alternate so that we both could make it past Max's due date but notsomuch now as they have lost two guys that were set to go. So not only are those who's wives are giving birth during that time going but those who's wives just gave birth (Lacey Castro's husband) and all alternates are going. FunkMyLife right? Just say right. So He will miss Emma's first birthday and Max's due date, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any national holiday until X-Mas more than likely.

Where does that leave me? WHO knows! First thing that comes to my mind is go home. . . point blank until about 1 week ago Italy didn't have much to offer me but I now have a job, Emma's now in the CDC, and I have my ACES. So I don't know and won't know until I get in the swing of things to know if I can swing this or not.

SO yeah bad news and now on to good news. . . see these:

and these:

Those are part of the ACES bake sale that is tomorrow on base I have been cooking for 2 days straight hopefully I will finish within the next hour. So I can get up at 6 a.m.

Oh Remember how I said stay tuned for Bella's photo...well here it is go a head and gawk at this beautiful baby girl.