Emma Update

It has been forever and a day squared since I posted about My Emma-Bemma. She is doing quite well actually, she has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom. . . she has cut teeth like nobody's business. She has been crawling since we were in Phoneix in February and she has now started to walk. Granted, she is a bit wabbley she does great we walked a good 100 feet yesterday coming from my husband's office to the car it took a while since her little baby feet are so small but it was well worth it. I also cut her hair and I butchered it and will admit my flaw, she looks like Betty Rubble. I went to cut and she turned. . . I should have never did it in the bathroom sink. Since we have been back we were able to see the Dr. and get her shots and what not and come to find out Emma is now in the 90th percentile for height. . . seriously. . . I hope I will not be looking up to my daughter any any point in time in my life and I seriously hope that she is not freekishly tall like my father who stands at 6'3''.