Post Surgery

Since surgery things haven't been the same with 'Mother Nature'. What was somewhat normal is now an unbearable experience along with some days of the month. My ovary has attached to the back of my uterus, we knew it was happening and PlanA PlanC was to try birth control to control my ovulation. . . well PlanC failed. . . PlanD was try a different one. . . Fail. So that leaves on PlanE of surgery is out the window. So here's the dillieo Dr.A doesn't feel comfortable going in and removing or separating my uterus and ovary as I would more than likely lose my uterus which would leave me unable to have children anymore. If you don't know the plans they will be listed after this post. So plan PlanF&PlanG...F is to have a 3rd child (yes 3rd, this one still counts as number2) he is hoping that if I get pregnant and the uterus stretches that would mean the scar tissue would also, leaving me post 3rd child a happy camper and PlanG. . . leave as is and hope with time it settles. . . :|

PlanF isn't an option we want or planning on. Which has brought up a good question of we didn't exactly want or plan for Emma or Max and it happened, so do we let this happen? My emotions are still not in a good place about children or wanting anymore so in due time...especially that I don't like the fact this will be more of a medical process [baby making] than a romantic oops. We are thinking plan G is a go.

PlanA: Have a 2nd Child...Fail
Plan B: Have a surgery without removing tube...Fail
Plan C: Birth Control...Fail
Plan D: Different Birth Control...Fail
Plan E: Another Surgery...No Go
Plan F: Have 3rd Child...No Go
Plan G: leave as is...

All I hope is we don't have as many plans as we have letters in the alphabet.