Life of a ''Pre-Toddler''

Oye with a pre-toddler is serious business I tell ya! Ms. Emmas has been walking for a while now. . . meaning my house is always a disaster and a half. Ms. Emmas has been cutting molers...yes she just turned 12 months and is cutting them... Ms. Emmas has learned how to kick, bite, pull hair, and scream. Yes at 1 she has learned all that. Ms. Emmas has learned how to blow kisses, give kisses, and hugs Ms. Emmas has also learned how to unfasten all shoes and pull off every sock. Ms. Emmas has also been introduced to the "pretty potty chair" we are welcoming her in to her potty training days as she shows interest in using the potty.

All these things keep me on my toes constantly...and I never would have thought Pre-Toddlers could be so interesting!