Candle Lighting on 10.13.10

Here is my 30 day push and challenge for my friends and family across the world. On 10.13.10 at 7 p.m. light a candle in remembrance of MAX. My goal is thirty people and I hope really HOPE they photograph their candle burning it would be AMAZING to see.

This ectopic pregnancy and 1st year has forever changed my life and I forever hope to change others lives through my experience that day and since. I am hoping that within the next 30 days that the Aviano's Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support group get's off the ground so that awareness and support can be brought to this community,  it's a much needed thing. Throughout this first year I have seen how Dr.'s, Nurses, people, and close friends have reacted when I have explained how I walked in for my first ultrasound and ended up in emergency surgery to not only loose my child that day but also a body part some of their reactions were not so good but others have embraced and supported me in my journey. I have had Dr.'s try and minimize the situation saying "everyone miscarries", I have had close friends turn my situation in to a gossip and blog topics, I have had even closer friends sit on my couch within the following days blame it on my religion saying the bible I read isn't the real bible, I have had people bring my Dr. up in casual dinner settings as if he didn't do his job in other cases WHEN I know he really DID and DO his job... I have really heard and saw it all.

So let's do this DAMN thing and show the loss of MAX in a positive light.