Different this time around

It's been a few days since I last posted. I really wasn't going to post but we are currently driving to meet Kelly & her super hero "theWeatherMan" at a pumpkin festival in Venzone, Italy. I am excited because I found a new application on my blackberry for wordpress, yay. Anyway, back to why I posted. I remember last year when I experienced the loss there was this type of calling of "if I could help someone through a similar situation by making a public journal sharing my experience... then that is what will be done!" Well, this time I feel completely different... I feel I need to deal with this on my own, within my self and I don't need or want sympathy. Its a totally a different set of emotions, which is totally okay because this time I am 2 kids down and two experiences in... things are likely to get hairy at that point. So, with that being said over the next six or so weeks I am going to sign off in hopes to actually get my feelings situated in reguards to this topic. As some that follow me on twitter or Facebook know its been about a week since I last updated and it might grow longer as I feel that disconnecting and just traveling at my own rate is going to help me sort this all out.

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