Scratch that...

Okay, so I had the whole 30 days of me scheduled to post in about an hour but don't fret it will air tomorrow. I really feel that what I am going to share and write is of higher priority. Just over a year ago I had a dear friend (at that time) sit on my couch and say the NIV Bible I read wasn't the true bible; only the King James Version was. This was two days after the loss of my child, I was already stressing about losing a fallopian tube and my child... I didn't need to hear that God isn't going to be there for me because of the Bible I read. After that 1 statement it made me question Religion and if it matters which bible we read? Were we put here to follow a writing? or we here to be saved by grace? I am definitely not God and I can't pretend that I know if he will "seek vengeance" upon someone who reads the wrong bible but I am pretty sure he's just love us for who we are and forgive us of our sins. Who really knows? None of us. Yes, the bible is there and it gives us guidance/outline but ultimately we aren't God, we can't say for certain. But I can say how it made me feel, which was abandoned by what I thought was a close friend over the Bible I read, totally turned off to any type of religion especially Baptist, and completely alone...with out a friend or God all over 1 statement. Granted, I agree my relationship should have been stronger not to let 1 statement frazzle my line of communication with the Lord but I was already going through hardship and everything including what I ate was being questioned within. So where am I going with this?! Well, on this road that I have traveled I believe God has sent me friends and certain things as a "you NEED to know this" type will help you through your pain, sorrow and joy. I started following a friend from high schools blog, not really knowing what to was Dennis Gable, a wild and crazy dude. Well he's been my source of God and "what's upness" since this is all happened. He started video blogging (which one day I might try who knows) and just yesterday he posted the following video, I urge you to sit through it hear him out because it stirs within to make you really think. So enjoy, if you would like to visit Dennis Gable's website visit

[vimeo 16390091]

Jusika Martinez

Tucson, Arizona, USA