o-m-g what an eventful day today has been. It's Sunday/Monday early crack of dawn a.m. and Emma just went back to bed. Our clocks are totally off, we are like leaves in the wind now not following any 'real' feels hippy like to not follow a set schedule. My husband will return in the near future and I am sure he's not going to like the lack of's okay though we won't like him being back :) We will but we will miss all the girl time we have soaked up the past 5 weeks, I mean we even did Mommy Daughter facials. I am really glad that I have left work and have been able to spend all of my time with Emma-Bemma. This Thursday I will officially be 16 weeks along with Bean. I have to tell you that God is really challenging me emotionally with Bean's pregnancy. Between the previous losses, bleeding, and cramping I am emotionally at my max. I thought that losing two children was hard but I find a new type of hard carrying Bean. It's truly a leap of faith to believe everything will be okay and I mean a leap from say Russia to Florida not Russia to Alaska. I have really tried to stay in the moment and bask in this as I know far to well that life can be gone within a moment. I hate to say that I have only bought 1 item for Bean in the past 16 weeks and that's a receiving blanket because I wanted it (it was just too fabulous to pass up) and because I believe we are actually going to bring this one home, even with all the complications and possible C-Section. Speaking of C-Section, never and I mean never YouTube say it lightly I was highly mortified and I can guarantee that even if they say someone can come in the operating room no one will be coming I will surly not allow that sunshine, no way Jose!

It's really funny/interesting to see all the differences between this pregnancy and Emma's. With Emma I was puking until the 25-26 week and with Bean it started to be a puke fest but I officially stopped taking the Zofran at 13 weeks and have been off it since. I craved candy and sweets with Emma and with this one I crave salty foods, I have eaten so many types of plain chips within the last 16 weeks (it's interesting because I never knew I could really find that many non-flavored salty chips.) I seriously can not stand sugar or meat at this point either and that's highly sad because I surely did buy me a Fiat Mignon while my husband was gone and it's still sitting in my freezer.  I also can't sleep and with Emma you could barely get me to get up by like 3 p.m.

Overall it's exciting no matter the outcome I stand in the memories and moments of now. Oh and we all know how big of a Hope Floats fan I am and I would like to mention Adel has a version out of Garth Brooks song Make You Feel My Love, granted I wouldn't change that sound track I do love that Adel did a cover of it. YouTube that not C-Sections.

Oh I totally forgot why today was an eventful day...ha! It's because my electricity went out for two hours and me being me I tried to fix it. With me being me I put my husband's car in front of our garage...blocking me out from circuit breaker, smart right? Well his car now has a flat and a dead battery (POS right? yes!) so I called America and he suggested to release the parking break and let it roll back a little so I can get in there (being the garage). Well, it had a wasn't moving. FML right? So I decide I am going to get out and push it a little. Well... I left the driver door open which got caught by the gate after it started to roll! ha ha yea...I tell you I must truly be a blond. Anyway, I got it stop and got in the garage and it didn't even work (meaning flipping the circuit breaker) apparently we were meant to live in the dark for hours, okay fine whatev. My new problem is not that I have no electricity (which mean's nothing is working in my home) it's now my husband's car with a dead battery who's door is stuck open due to our gate. Let me remind you I am not to be pushing, pulling, lifting or doing anything extraneous. I totally left it for a good hour and let it sit there then I came up with a BRILLIANT idea that involved me calling no one! My idea was to put my car in back of the wagon and go and release the break and push it back in to the parking spot with my car and bam! Well... it worked with neither car scratched. My stupidity saved by my bright idea! My husband on the other hand is still wondering why I left the door open. Sigh I should have opened the garage all the way and just pushed it in there incase crap happens again. Ah whatever, I hate that car and I hope it rolls down a hill!

Anyway everyone..Happy Sunday/Monday!