The Unexpected

What can I say? Other than I am a loss for words. I have sat down multiple times to write Ellie's birth story but since I got that call last Friday afternoon my brain has constantly been going with "what could I have done if I had not chose to check out early" along with our many conversations about kids, the hospital and anything in between. I can not believe that someone I just spent the last 48 hours with in the same room with and that just shared my birthing process with was now gone and gone forever.

Most in the Aviano community has heard of what has happened and for those who don't you can click here to read. My heart is broken to say the least. This is a very tragic situation where nothing can be changed, no matter what is said or done now. I pray every night for the well being of the twins and hope that the boyfriend, family and our community are able to find peace in such a tragic situation.