Be Kind

Today we attended the memorial for my hospital roommate, Flo. The ugly cry sure did make an appearance, I really thought that the guilt that I have was passing but really it hasn't. Saying our final goodbyes is the beginning of healing for our hearts and minds. In the days following Flo's death I spoke to the Chaplin and he offered some good advice he said "She will walk around in my brain for a while, but eventually she will find a comfortable couch to sit on and only once a while she pop back up again." The guilt of "could I have done something" will hopefully pass in due time as I have our better moments from our Pordenone Hospital experience to live on. There won't be a time I will forget Flo as she was part of birthing Ms. Ellie she was there sharing the very private experience and I wouldn't have asked for anyone else to fill that role in my experience. Be Kind PSA: Stop and choose to be a kinder and gentler person one that you want to be remembered for. When you think about negatively speaking about, referring to, tweeting, facebooking, or even blogging about someone...STOP and think "is this the impression I would like to leave on this person or people around us?"