Pause...Now Play!

It's been a moment, eh? Why yes it has! Phew..Phew..Phew what has been going on here?

Well, let's start off with the girls...specifically Emma-Bemma. Emma was fully potty trained leaving Italia but her adverse reaction to coming to America was to revert back to the most expensive underwear called diapers. [Roll of Eyes] My sweet sweet child even got to the point of asking for them, sad right? RIGHT! So, after a few months here we started back in to potty training and I am unbelievably happy to say she is completely potty trained. The second go around was FAR more tough than the first but we did it! Emma is now 3, can you believe that...3 years old going on 13. She is my girlie girlie, it confirmed when Ms. Emma got out of her stroller and asked for her feet to be "ceened and painted". There have been moments when I have had to clean up my floor as she felt she needed a new paint job. HAHA, yes!

Now...let's move to Ellie-Bo-Nelly. My sweet sweet Ellie...I am so thankful for her she is so laid back and calm vs my Emma-Bemma. I have had quite the adjustment with's not necessarily a "moving adjustment" but just the first year struggles [not any that I faced with Emma]. One of the biggest things for her was formula after many tries we finally found one that worked...of course one of the most expensive ones [$27.00 a 13 oz. can] another struggle for her has been eating table foods and gaining weight. She completely refused to eat baby foods until just about the one year mark, now she loves them! She is currently weighing in at a whopping 17 lbs some Dr.'s feel this is a good weight and some don't. Emma weighed about 22-24 lbs about this time so I am not quite sure what to think other than it's quite funny that 9 month clothing is big on her. We also had a bit of an issue with Asthma/Dirt Allergy [yes apparently this does exists] already and she actually just finished her first month of steroid breathing treatments.  Nothing like your child turning blue one morning to freak you officially out.

What else has gone on here? Well, I took the big bite and bought a brand new car...yes a brand new car...a fuel efficient [mom's] car. A 2012 VW Jetta SportWagon TDI completely loaded which is totally cool as it has a panoramic roof...yeah cool beans huh?

Anyway, both girls birthdays just pasted so I will get on to recaps within this next week :) Ciao!