Elmo Bash! [Emma's 3rd Birthday]

I am that crazy mommy that will stay up until 3 am the day of your child's 3rd birthday to make sure everything is perfect. Cake Pops [Check], Cake [Check], Steamers [Check]...the list goes on and on. What I was thinking was beyond me...I mean really I had to do better than last time as I was highly pregnant and pulled pink frosting out of the Italian gutter basically...it was extremely last minute. So this year I planned and planned Elmo Elmo Elmo it was but what wasn't happening was the horrific Elmo cake that everyone seems to pin on pinterest. So I went to 4 local stores and nothing...nothing that I liked at least...so I finally ventured in to the nice Walmart 40 minutes away...yes I did go there and of course the perfect Elmo cake! AHHH! So about midnight I picked up the cake and I was off to decorate the house. When Emma woke up her eyes were so large and she screamed ELLLLLLMO! Which was nice she finally started to get the concept of party haha. After 2 p.m. when all the guests arrived mayhem broke out kids every where in and out of the pool cake on my floor I mean it couldn't have been better! So here are the pictures, enjoy!