Uh Ello?

Are you there? It's more like am I there...I have no clue where this past month went. I suppose it's a good thing because while in Italy time dragged by but here in California it's passing quickly. This 4 November marked the 1 year of being in California so with that in mind I am going to give you the pros and cons of living in America. Ready....drum roll please... Driving:

Italy: When we were driven to the base in Italy I nearly crapped my pants as Slevin drove us from Venice. I was deathly afraid of driving in Italy but after day 2 I was driving just like they were...crazy...fast...flashing lights...cutting off the whole 9. In Italy there was really only speed suggestions...they were never followed and someone actually being pulled over for speeding was RARE.

America: Cruise control is my BEST friend. My horn is something I wish I could use more freely than I do...I mean AMERICANS and their driving is annoying. If your going to go slow...go to the right lane...if your going to go the exact speed limit...get in the right lane...and no cop I am not speeding...I am just getting to my location more time effectively. HAHA

So where do you think I bode to drive? ITALY!


Italy: When getting to Italy I was mortified by the eating it was all pasta...and things I could not understand due to the lack of knowing Italian. But once I found my nitch in food and a waiter who understood my wants I fell in LOVE with the food. I loved the 4 Formaggi, Bruchetta,the Pizza that was made of Nutella and pineapple. The one thing I desperately missed was the two taco deal from Jack in the Crack...speaking of fast food...the only thing that lives there in Italy is McDonalds and let me tell I LOVE the fries from the Italian McDonalds.

America: Hello the land of fast food...and more more more. Granted I love my share of fast food but after a year I am over it and ready to go back to the good ol home cooking of the Italians. I mean I feel like a fat American living here with the portions and lack of wine that's cheaper than water. What I do somewhat enjoy though is...MEXICAN food. . . granted I have not found the right one with the right  guacamole.

So where do you think I bode to stuff my face? ITALY!

Now Vs. Later:

Italy: When first got to Italy their concept of reposo sucked, I mean who closes for two hours in the middle of the day. . . it drove me BONKERS. But really think about it 2 hours to go eat lunch and take a nap...shoot yeah! Who cares if I don't get toilet paper that day lol.

America: The land of now, now, now, now, now, now, are you done yet? How about now?!

When I first got home I had the hardest time with this now concept. America have you not heard of Domani? After living in the "Domani" mindset I prefer it, 100x more. There isn't a week where I am not left feeling exhausted from this now concept.

So where do you think I bode to live? ITALY!

American Beauty Vs. Italian Beauty:


CLOTHING: I am not going to lie here I got curves...in which an Italian woman does not...I LOTHED clothing shopping there, there were a few places I could buy from like H&M and some random markets but it was HARD finding bras and what not to fit.

HAIR, EYEBROWS, SKIN: OMG I thought I was going to die after a while I mean the first year I didn't get a hair cut. I was highly afraid. BUT then I found CARLA in a strip called Tempo Del Sol. I even got my eye brows waxed there and they did a great job...they never messed up my eyebrows and they were always full. Now a facial... I should have noted from my time at the Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona but "European" Facials were painful in Europe unlike in America.


CLOTHING: Well my curves are substantially smaller than I thought in American clothing...in Italy I thought I was like a XXXL lol but in all actuality in America I am only a L or XL (depending on the top) Partially it makes me feel good then I remember I am in America, the land of the big and bigger. haha.

HAIR, EYEBROWS, SKIN: I have found someone to do my hair it's not bad at all but I miss the concept of length that Italians had...They always left it longer vs shorter...because most Italians loved long hair. Eyebrows...I go to a pedicure place to get my eyebrows done...they are about as small as most Italian women's waists lol...and I am in the process of growing them out. Skin well I had an American's European facial and it left me in hives...so I am wondering what is up. Granted, I love the options of being able to go anywhere for these items as America is covered in salons like fast food places I miss the quality of service.

So where do you think I bode to get my hair did? Well, each have their pro's and con's.

I will admit each place has their pro's and con's but I prefer Europe far more than California. I miss the history everywhere, the friendliness of the Italians and the lack of crime.