Mug Swap 2012!

It's been a while right? My attention really has not been focused on blogging or the internet lately but I received this sweet package in the mail and I have to show it to you all. Just as I explained to my friend in a far away land, I will explain to you. I am part of this online community called SITS Girls it's a community of bloggers, some professional bloggers and some (like me) who are not. Well, a blogger and social media guru named Liz from the community organized a Mug Swap basically you email her your information (and pray no one shows up at your front door [I totally think my friend in a far away land thought I was crazy for doing this because their response was "ummm k"]) and she pairs you with someone whom you might only know from online via twitter, their blog or facebook or in the community. Your still following right? I hope so. So you go to Zazzle and place your blog information on it and something snazzy and after seeing some I don't believe I did my Mugee justice because some are just down right hilarious! Anyway, I got this package right before Thanksgiving...who knows how long it was sitting at my front door...because who goes through there anymore? Not me, I simply drive in my garage. Anyway, back to the was my mug and this UH-MAZ-ING candy in it...which I ate like 50% of that night (so much for that run). The candy was Dove Dark Chocolate (which I used to HATE until this) Sea Salt which I have searched for at four different grocery stores in which none carried...until tonight (thanks to the help of my Mugger) I was able to find it at Target...thank goodness! So here it my mug from Greta Funk

drum roll please..........


How cute is that?! Greta how did you know I was so sassy? Right now it's carrying the left over gold chocolates which are few thanks to Ms. Emma so by next week it will be in the coffee mug rotation! Thank you Greta for not showing up at my front door and thank you Liz for coordinating it all!