Life is New, Welcome.

It has been a little over a year since I closed my last blog and what can I say other than so much has happened in my life and my girls have grown so much! I realized that...sometimes in life private journaling is needed, and it's more of a therapy to one's soul when it's not required and to be frank my last blog well was feeling more of a requirement to life than anything else. So, welcome to my new home...I am Jusika...first a mother to two (crazy) girls and a graphic designer working in the field of Visual Merchandising. I have a past...that's helped shape me in to one of the most open-minded, shit happens type of girl. I live in beautiful, sunny, feel your skin fry California, but home (Arizona) often calls my soul...I have lived in Italy...and many nights I often sleep without dreams...mainly because 3 or 4 hours doesn't give you enough time to get an amazing one started. So Welcome again to my's not a .com and I am not sure if it ever will be but it will be real, chaotic and on my own pace.