The Big 2-9

It is the night before my 29th Birthday and I lay here in bed  for the 6th day...I am very far away from where and what I thought I would be doing, which was hopefully a fun dinner and night out in a beach town at least in my mind but alas I am here literally stuck in bed. I have been sick since the 24th of June and after the first bout of antibiotics didn't help for strep the Doctor became a little more concerned as did I because 4-5 hours of sleep just was not cutting it anymore...and it normally does. With my counterpart being out on vacation and a Region VP visit I figured I was just a bit more exhausted than normal. But on Tuesday (after I told my Dr. I could not wait for results of the blood work because I thought he was making a mountain out of a mole hill) I got a phone call from him that put a bit of a damper on my week as he called to say I had a case of Mono. I first asked if he was kidding which his reply was no...then I asked what the heck it was....which for those who don't know it is basically a virus that reeks havoc on your body making you fully exhausted and if you lift or do too much you have the possibility of your spleen rupturing. I then asked how I got it...which his conclusion was that I ate after someone recovering from it, which is possible...I tend to eat after people....go me!

So here I am out of work for 1 week on bed rest until I see my dr again...the good news is my spleen hasn't ruptured and I caught up on my TV watchings of Sherlock, Downtown Abby (all 3 seasons) and I even watched 42. I love my dr and I am grateful he caught this but really body really? I hope in a few weeks I get the energy for a fun dinner and night out in a beach town.

Oh and for those Emma's Birthday went...well with being on bed rest it doesn't leave much for you to do...other than bake a cake...and that she got! You can see her blowing out the candles here: