Day 3 - Do Expect Funkiness

Expect your hormones (obviously) to get funky. After a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy it can take up to six weeks to get back to normal. So expect your body to react from your skin getting funky (right now my skin is irritable, blotchy and sensitive) and the worse thing I can do is put more makeup on to cover it, which I like to do. So hello look at me I look like a preteen with hormonal break outs, yeah totally not kidding. Now let's talk about my hair...after every loss my hair has fallen out in clumps, granted I am not completely bald (just yet) I do freak out because for me this superficial feeling I have of "pregnancy makes me beautiful" rings so deeply in my heart and losing hair makes me worried I will be sporting a Donald Trump come over soon.

As funny as these may be this is what I have faced after every loss so not only do I feel poopy about my loss I am also shedding my pregnancy physically from my hair, to my skin to the red blotchy incisions. As much as I would like to say I've prayed about these superficial items I haven't I've eaten KiKats and Oreos and after the first loss I found out not to do that because being 20lbs heavier doesn't make you feel any better, especially in a sweater turtleneck. If you feel like an Oreo have one, just not the whole Costco size box. Lately, my comfort food is root beer floats but I am truly trying to cut that because I don't want to feel like doughboy after a Thanksgiving meal. So alas the funny superficial side of pregnancy loss.

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