Day 6 - The Anger Moment

I am not sure what hit me today but something did because I feels like a rage like anger fit that I want to throw about this being my third loss. I want to literally kick, scream and throw my self on to the floor. It will be the 3rd Monday since that Sunday night in the Emergency Room that lead in to the 3AM Monday surgery. I mean wow! I've been able to occupy my self with work but as it slows down and I realize what this all means it's heart breaking. I said on a connect card today at church that I am in the "why" stage but I sadly and realistically know that I already know the answers to the question why but it's just not the answers I am looking for. Ugh ugh ugh ugh this truly is unfair and all part of Gods plan but I would like to know what blessing or road he is preparing me for. If you are just joining me on my #31Day’s blog journey on Walking the Path of Healing after Multiple Pregnancy Loss – Faith, Frustrations and Everything In-between see all of my blog posts here.