Day 9 - A New Path After Pregnancy Loss

Those who haven't experienced pregnancy loss say day by day gets easier but in reality for those of us that have lost a sweet baby at any age knows it just gets different as we are no longer awaiting an arrival. Those dates that were monumental such as the date of our babies anatomy scan or due dates are now a remembrance that our sweet babies are no longer. The beginning of the day by day walk is more like surviving but eventually you start living life in the mist of those bitter sweet days. Right now, I am in the middle with living life and surviving. I can go without thinking about what's gone on just until the time I see something that triggers it such as newborns, newborn clothing, pregnant women. Something as simple as thinking of how far along I would be or family photos can also remind me that I am just surviving.

Our family photos are tomorrow and as much as I would really like to skip them I know with my partner heading out for awhile that this is the time to get them done so hopefully taking the photos will help heal my heart by making me live life in the I between because that all I can really do for now until I truly feel healed.


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