Day 10 - A Picture Says 1000 Words

Pregnancy gives you this glow more of a radiation right? I'll be honest somedays most "non-pregnancy" days I am red and blotchy for whatever reason this is my skin after having kids and moving to a drier climate. Hang on a Moment, I am getting to my point here...

The night before I lost Samson I was at a minor league baseball game, I happened to be wearing a ball cap, jeans and a shirt...I had that glow. I happened to take a quick snapshot of myself and my new baseball cap that night...Here's the picture


For me in this picture my life was perfect. I looked the way I wanted, the girls were being amazing, work was going well, I had one on the way, and we were on our way to the whole white picket fence with 2.75 dogs. Then I started to cramp and I chalked it off to just things settling in and then I lived life to Sunday, September 8th where it all changed including something as silly as my skin and my glow.

The biggest item to remember at this moment is that I need to take care of myself, meaning getting up at a decent hour, shower, and make sure I do the basics including brushing my teeth. It helps being back at work and having to do the basics (mainly so I don't scare my boss) but when you've lost a pregnancy or something close to those simple things are hard. It's almost like a bad break up except it's a bit more serious. So if you're here with me and you feel like you're struggling, shower and go get the stink blown off of ya!


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