Day 16 - Where You Invest Your Time, Will Change Your Outlook.

On a day-to-day base we can easily be influenced by what we read, what we hear and what we speak. For me in a normal week I can easily talk to 200 people through work, through my personal life, through my church or through the internet. I love to talk, I love to meet new people, I love to feel a part of others lives but when I experience something tragic in my life such as a pregnancy loss talking to 200+ people leaves me feeling empty and it reminds me that I too need filling up whether it be through a conversation with another Christ centered woman, a cup of coffee, a few moments or a few hours in the is needed just as breathing is needed to live. Right now in the phase of grief that I am in it is easy for me to feel discouraged so I find myself turning on the Pandora on my phone or reading a quick plan that I signed up to do through She Reads Truth. What we invest in, where we have our heart, is where will get our return or outlook from and when tragic things happen it is okay to let others take care of you; through brining meals, through giving you books, through simply listening to you. Most do not know but I am related to the Military in more ways than one, not only do I work for the military but I am married to a Military Man in most cases Military takes care of the Military but in my case right now it's a bit different. In my life 98% of my close friends and those who pour into me are not military related, they are regular people who I've met through church or through God bringing them into my life. A lot of my focus does not go towards "our Military life" because I've realized that the Military or Military culture is just a job that transfers you every two is temporary and for my story, my knowledge and the way I live life it goes further than the Military Life that we live right now. No matter where I am my morals, my God, my story will not change and I have this shear determination within me to tell others what God has done for me during this path and to raise the awareness of pregnancy loss because NO WOMAN or FAMILY should go through this alone without emotional follow-up care but right now I need to make sure I am taken care of emotionally and physically...I cannot give and give and not fill up.

If you are in this process and find yourself exhausted emotionally or physically look at where you are spending your time especially now because it is easy to get side tracked without grief or anger. Take some time and refocus, find a book, find a channel, find a book in the bible, or find a blank piece of paper and go...take care of yourself and fill up on the truth of God because he is here with you, even when it doesn't feel like it.

Because Where You Invest Your Time, Will Change Your Outlook.

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