Day 23: Congratulations You Are Surviving This Pregnancy Loss

This week marks 6 weeks since the loss of Samson, how has it already been 6 weeks since we sat in a hospital ER room and heard those words that change everything As much as I would like to say I've completely grieved I haven't, there are days that are still hard for me. I've tried to unsubscribe from every weekly bump update that you get but it feels like every week there's a new one, except for this week it was my own failure that I got a bump update. Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.43.24 PM My calendar alarm went off and I checked it and I shrugged in anger and unjust. I remember sitting there that night and putting in the important updates. I remember planning everything out in two nights. It was fun but now that I am this side of the road it's not so fun. The death of Samson has truly moved me in many many ways. It's moved me closer to God, it's moved me more towards a passion that I never would have had without these experiences and most of all it's moved me to know when I need the help or poring into. I've been struggling a lot on grieving as a Christian. In every moment we are to glorify him in everything that we do...our story is for him right? Well, what about the moments of sadness or grief? If you are just joining me on my #31Day’s blog journey on Walking the Path of Healing after Multiple Pregnancy Loss – Faith, Frustrations and Everything In-between see all of my blog posts here.