Day 24: Dear Scar Tissue

Dear Scar Tissue,

I Hate You!

Love With Warm Fuzzy Kisses

- Jdub

Today's post falls under "frustrations" Why you ask? Well, I cannot give you one day this week that I have not been on some sort of pain medication from motrin to vicodin. I am not one for pain medication so the fact that I am taking any sort of pain reliever say's a lot...and all I can correlate it to is scar tissue growing because I've already ovulated. So the deal with scar tissue is that it grows inside you in one of those places they stitched up and when it grows it hurts and when things hurt it's a constant reminder that this is not over. . . it is not healed and yes it might be pointing to physically but really you know it's not over emotionally either.

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