Day 28: The Wow Factor

There aren't many times I wow myself with what I have to say but as I laid in bed last night talking know on that almost delusional rambling that happens when you're about to pass out, well I was there just rambling. Then we stutter upon the topic of the last 45 days, Samson. The conversation was more of "are you sure it's okay we're not having any more kids?" But we came to this moment where I think my husband sometimes get stuck...and I often to get stuck in this place of "Why God? Why?" Last night I came to this point of "It's all Eve's fault" of course this got my husband thinking I might have stepped off my rocker for a moment but here are my thoughts, bear with me. We are all flawed and natural-born sinners thanks to the great fall (aka when Eve ate the apple), we are all imperfect and we are all flawed in some flaw just happens to be this. I get to experience this vulnerable and painful place for a reason and by the grace of God I will get through this and make this for his glory.


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