I just tweeted today "My story is different than others. I can't expect everyone to understand and I can't expect to have the same relationship w/God as they do." Why you ask? I just had this monumental moment of thought.

See I Instagram, I blog, I tweet, I am part of the #shereadstruth devotionals, I am part of the Influence Conference group and I Facebook...that is a lot of information I am retaining that's going on in others lives and businesses. I see how others worship, I see how others talk, I see what others read, I see what others share, and I also see how their businesses are doing.

An to be honest I have times I compare my life, my story and my faith to others. See today as I went to a hair appointment with a new stylist and I thought "oh no what will she think if me? Keep it light light...don't tell her it all she might think your a bible thumper or crazy cookie". Thank God as he gave me the right words to say because I was a bit nervous and with all that I have going on in my life the denial of a new hair stylist might have made me cry.

Thankfully, I have these women in my life that have this unbelievable devout praise and worship to God and on certain days they are a complete blessing an then there are days I think they just don't get the struggle of pregnancy loss especially multiple pregnancy loss or ectopic pregnancy loss. But the thing is, that's a-okay because God planted these women in my life for a reason and that is to not be the same as me. There are going to be times in my life that I am not good at sitting down at my dinner table or wherever for quiet time and there are going to be days or seasons in my life that my voice and throat are so sore from singing and talking to God that I am not going to want to speak an that is okay.

I think we as women often compare ourselves to each other so that we don't feel alone but in reality it only creates this depressed feeling that you're not doing well in the world or in your walk of faith or when you haven't cleaned your house well enough. The thing is with the internet or even some friendships we are only getting glimpses into people's lives and we can't hold our self to a tweet or a beautiful Instagram photo. We have to do what is right for us and if you truly feel like improving something, do it out of a desire in your heart not because you saw someone else doing it.

This weekend at church we talked about serving two entities, God or ourselves. Obviously we know that we should be serving God and doing our work for God but in a world that's all about "me" we often start focusing ourselves on how many twitter or blog followers or Facebook likes we get. We as humans like the applaud an sometimes it can get addicting. In those moments of life where we want the approval of humans we have to remember two things, 1) We are here to serve God and it doesn't matter how many human approvals we will get. 2) When we are focused on others we need to remember to keep our eyes on our own.

God has a unique plan for you that only you will serve so making yourself look or be like another won't work out too well because eventually who you are will come out, remember he has a funny way of making his plan work.