Influence Network Mug Swap

In September I found the Influence Network thanks to the lovely Diana I wasn't quite sure about it because I am was very iffy about communities online, especially women's communities, as they normally make me want to quit the internet but this one has been different. This month marks my 6th month and monthly I have found that it is feeding into my daily life through the women, through the classes about faith and Gods word and the forums where we all chat, send out prayer requests, where we talk about what we are reading in Gods word and most of all it's where we connect and network with other faith based women who want to use their online time for good. It has truly changed the way I think about my time online. So this past week I connected with a fellow Influence Network Member Elaine on Instagram (eteedee on instagram, go follow her now) in regards to this gold mug that I got at Starbucks (it was on clearance so I was super stoked).

She's pretty huh? Well, after a few exchanges about how I often bring mugs home with me just about every time I go to Starbucks I thought well I will just send her one! I mean they did have 3 so after she checked her local Starbucks and they didn't have it, it went down like donkey kong! I happened to have two sleeping kids in my car when I went to Starbucks and the lovely Bartista obliged to do me a favor and pick up the mug for me so I could pick it up through the drive thru and on Tuesday maybe Wednesday it was in the mail. So as I was thinking about how we engaged over a mug and how I made a new friend out of it, I figured... well, this would be a great way for all of us to engage. I mean, how many mornings have you had where you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and think "aww that's such a cute mug!" I do it at least twice a day... it tells you how much of an addiction I have to glassware.

So how are we doing this? Well, starting February 25th I will send out who you are paired with...that mean's the cut off to sign up is February 24th, 12:01 Pacific Standard Time :)

So I started a thread in the forum and now we are here for the official FAQ about our Influence Network Mug Swap

  1. Do I have to have a blog to participate?  Nope!  Not at all, but if you have a twitter handle
  2. Do I have to spend a ton of $? No, in fact, I am putting a limit on how much you can spend, you can spend anywhere from $0 to $14.00.
  3. What do I include?  I encourage you to throw a card with how they can connect with you on the Influence Network and possibly in a couple of pieces of candy or tea bags or something fun to spice up your mug, but that is completely optional. No pressure.
  4. Am I sending to and receiving from the same person? Nope technically you aren't swapping, it will be more like a daisy chain or domino of mugs will be flying through the skies via USPS. You will send to one person and receive from someone else. This way you get to know at least two people!
  5. Is it a secret? Kind of, I will only be telling you who you send to. It's kinda fun to find out who your mug is from when you get your package. So think like a Secret Santa but it will be with mugs.

If you are participating in this feel free to share the below image with your blogging community, instagram freed when you sign up or get your mug and be sure to tweet with the hashtag #influencenetworkmugswap or if you are on board and ready to sign up click here