Thankful for an Understanding God

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Today is April 7th, exactly 1 month away from when Samson would have been born. As well as I am at distracting myself with school, work, the girls, spring cleaning, baseball or whatever God still makes me aware of my emotions and thoughts about Samson and sometimes it's the least opportune time. Like last week when this happened to me: I feel like he is teaching me in those moments of pure sadness and those moments where I want to cling to my self and what this world says we should be doing, saying or feeling to cling to him and to cling to prayer and steadfast conversation with him. He knows that the hardest thing for me to grasp through the struggle and the hard time during those seasons of grief is that he loves me, unconditionally. For me that "I am loved unconditionally" is a very deep-rooted issue within me, especially when it comes to this story of my life because I haven't ever experienced it in human form and he knows that. I grew up in the rough side of side of town being raised by a 72-year-old woman and as I've aged I haven't truly gotten that approval or unconditional love from those who have raised me, so it has taken me years to wrap my sweet brain around the fact that no matter how much I screw up, or how much I sin or how imperfect I am... God loves me, I don't have to be perfect because the only true person who is perfect and sinless is him. His love and grace by far is covering me in an unconditional love no matter my short coming that my human heart may have and he understands that the toil under the sun that I deal with is something someone else 10,000 miles away from me might be dealing with, nothing is new to him. I am so thankful for a God who truly can understand the pain, grief and sorrow. Do you struggle with realizing the true love of Jesus in your life or towards you? Tell me about it. Do you ever have those moments of realizing how understanding he is about where you are in life?