June Goals


Spiritual Goals:

  1. 1 hour of worship time, every day. I've done this the last two weeks and it's done so much to cry out to Jesus that I am going to do it the whole month. 
  2. Finish Genesis, I left the church I attended for the last year and a half and we were in the middle of Genesis and I want to finish it and move from there.
  3. Create a faith-based community during the summer. So far I've done really good at this for the first week, but my summer goal is to walk life with women and pray with and for them. My goal is to make woman community intentional.
  4. Obey in his calling for me. This has been hard for me, I feel daily he pushes me to use more and more of my not so refined gifts and I like to stay idle and not obey him. My goal is to simply remain submissive in his calling for my life and the story he's walking me through.

Life as the Artist @ Home Goals: 

  1. Prepare for Gooseman's vacation return, My goal is to not to make it about Emma's birthday, my 30th Birthday, our 9 year anniversary or Ellie's Birthday. Make it about him, being home on vacation, line up some baby sitters so we can go on dates.
  2. Look into marital retreats from CRU for while he's home, but don't feel obligated to do one, goal is to find what's right for us during those short days.
  3. Finish medical clearance paperwork, I've slacked on it, I loathe it because of what it will stand for. The goal/prayer is to have peace where ever they send us.
  4. When I do laundry, fold it. It's simple, but it's a big goal, I like to pile clean clothes.

Life As The Artist @ Site & Design Shop Goals:

  1. To Finish my site design for the new site.
  2. To Finish my card section for the site. The first set of cards will be women who have lost. Pregnancy loss is 1 in 4 and it's likely you've known someone, but didn't have the right card. This card will have encouraging words and scripture on the card for the woman walking the loss it will also have resources or point them back to my blog where there will be a resource page.
  3. Get sponsors lined up for my July 8th launch, I haven't done much on this at all. The pricing for their ad will go towards a charity. I eventually want to get it set up in a fund that can help women in need that have lost income due to being out from the surgery or do not have the funds to pay for the medical bills that pile up. So with that said, you willing? lol ;) My goal is to have start out with 4?