April Goals


Before we start in on April Goals I want to update you on March goals since those were my last goals before life went crazy due to the moving, to view my original goals, you can visit here


My God goal in March was to seek his knowledge and be rooted in his word. I found myself daily just jumping around in his word, almost as if I was lost or unsure of where to even begin on a personal note between him and I. I believe it has a lot to do with where I am at spiritually in my relationship with God.  I did read the Book of Soloman, but I did it to be up to speed on what our next series at church was going to be. It was interesting, because I am not 100% sure I have read every single word before, but this time I did and it was eye opening and flustering. 


My personal goal was to find a routine & be gentle with myself. My routine was nearly perfect and then spring break came. It threw me off my whole game. It was quite fun though to have Emma home during the day, she brought a whole new fun to the house.. Being gentle with myself was hard, I spent many nights laying in bed just asking God for a new uterus and for him to help with my wait on my medical records. It didn't really help with having to walk through the process of making sure the pain that month was caused from adhesions and not another ectopic pregnancy.  


Date Nights & Praying more were my two January goals for my marriage. We were successful at getting in a semi date night (I was having a hard time leaving the house), but it was at least an attempt. We did start praying a lot more, which helped me feel as if we were "together" in this adjustment. 


My business goal was to take action and I didn't. I didn't move at all with my business this month. When it came to business I felt trampled by wanting to re-brand my look before I took action. I don't know why, but I tend to always get sidetracked by how my logo looks and how it makes people feel. 


My goal was to be patient. Some days this went really well, but other days I felt like I was on the verge of dance mom impatience. In those moments I hid in my quiet spot for a moment and regrouped. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who does this, but in those moments I feel like I failed at this goal this month. 


My support goal was to take care of myself and that is exactly what I did. I took a little extra nap when needed, read a little bit more books this month and I spent a lot of time praying about what God want's me to with this support aspect.   



BE FOCUSED ON HIS WILL: We all say that we want his will and we give up our lives to him, but I am really struggling with how this looks like for me and I am feeling like my prayers are falling on deaf ears. So I want to take some time to focus on what it means to fully surrender my life to him and what his will for my life looks like.  


GET TO KNOW HIM MORE: When I set the pizza box nearly on fire this week because he put it in there I realized I don't know him and his routine very well. So I want to be intentional in having the mindset that I am still "dating him" so that I can get to know more about him. 


MAKE TIME: I am considering launching a summer print collection - I want to hone in on if I really want to do it and if I do I want to start working on it this month.  


BREATHE: I found myself this week crying over not having Honey Bunches of Oats setting off the smoke detector off with my English Muffin. I feel like I've got this "DO EVERYTHING BETTER" attitude and when things fall, I loose my junk in more than one way. So, I want to remind myself that not everyone can do everything - I have the right to choose what I do and what I don't do.  


ENCOURAGE THEM: I want to encourage them to be comfortable in their skin so that when people treat them wrongly they know it's not them. I know this could be a very long term goal, but this month I really want to hone in on it, especially after Emma had her first real experience with bullying.   


CREATE A SCHEDULE: In order to support others and to be honest with what I can and cannot do I need to set aside allocated time. I really want to set aside time to create content, reply to emails and meet with women and having a good schedule with family life, working, a freelance business, and supporting. 

Here's to reaching some if not all of these goals not only for this month, but in the months to come also!