April [2016] Goals



TALK TO HIM: I am going to give you some #realtalk right now, I've been rather angry at God. I know he can handle it, but it's almost like I am giving him the silent treatment and acted like prayer is a burden right now because well it has been. What do you say when He's just allowed something super painful to help grow you? I am 100% positive one day I will say thank you, but not right now. My goal is to journal my prayers to him this month.  
COMPLETE A STUDY: I am currently working through the IF:Equip Study, I want to finish that and also the book called Girls With Swards by Lisa Bevere.


WORK OUT: My goal for this month is to go to a yoga class or find an online service where I can take up some yoga again. 
DO WHAT THEY SAY: This month and in the coming months I want to truly listen to the advice that the therapists are giving me and put it into action. I think this will help me find healthier ways of living.   


PRAY FOR SOME FRIENDS: I am going to give you some more real talk. Since getting to Tucson I have worked with a bunch of guys, I didn't get to really get to make friends with other women and the ones I did make friends with have been super busy or disappeared from my life and to be honest I was okay with that. But now I really feel that it's a good season for me to have some woman friends. Most know I trust without doing background checks, so I am going to pray that God truly leads in this department. 


DATE TIME: A couple we know has offered (many times) to have their daughter babysit and we haven't taken them up on it, but when J comes back, I want to. So that we can get some time together after all that has happened the last 3 months. 


JUST BE: Dig deep and be with the girls as much as I can and invest in each of them one on one. 


TAKE IT SLOW: I jumped into my last position and I am all about taking this adventure slow, so slowly but surely I want to look at what all I can do without overloading my plate. I am all about the slow lane right now.   
SUBMIT MORE WORK: There are a few more series packages that I want to submit so I want to try and get one or two more up this month. 


LOOK AT REWORKING: I want to look at reworking my packages and my shop. I want to get to that this month.  


START THE HOW WE GOT HERE SERIES: I want to walk myself through how we got to where we are today with the birth of Adeline and my lovely traumatic event.