In memory of you Flo!

"Picture her in your memory like an ever lasting visitor in your house. She will sit on your couch a while, then get up and walk around. Her getting up and walking around before getting comfortable are the memories will come back to your mind and her getting comfortable on your couch is when these memories will rest."

In an awkward and unexpected event I ended up having to check in to Azienda Ospedaliera Santa Maria Deli Angeli Hospital in Pordenone, Italia to deliver Ellie because all of the beds on Base in the American hospital were full. I literally begged and pleaded to not go there, but I ended up there anyway, as it was the only local hospital outside of the base hospital. When they checked me they said "You stay," we're totally not the words I wanted to hear, but alas, their selling point was that I was going to have an American roommate instead of two other Italian roommates (yes they do three to one room there, that's another story). When I walked into our bright yellow room, I realized my roommate was also an Active Duty Airman, her name was Flo and her smile could light up a room and her personality ultimately warmed me up to the idea of getting in bed and resting before I delivered Ellie because in the bottom of our hearts we knew I was not going to be discharged to go back to the Aviano Air Bases Hospital. 

When I left the Hospital at 3:48am the morning after I delivered Ellie I never thought I would get the call that we did on August 5th, 2011. That call was a death notification of Flo, that call it had me angry, saddened and in disbelief of what had just happened. Just as the Chaplin said (above) she is an ever lasting visitor, and she has changed something within me for the better. Rest in Peace Flo, you're more than a memory that hangs on my refrigerator 3 years later your death and experiencing your vibrant personality has changed my heart, for the better sister friend. 


Jusika MartinezComment